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        FAQ – Kayak Tours on the Shore, LLC:  985.951.9437

Can you tell me a little more about your kayak tours?

Kayak Tours on the Shores, LLC provides approximately 3 hour kayaking tours. All tours are in our beautiful Louisiana bayous.  Our goal is to show the locals of the N. Shore area the great fun that you can have with friends & family viewing the wildlife and bayou waters on your own personal tour while kayaking.

What if I've never kayaked before? Can I still do this tour?

We regularly get customers who are inexperienced kayakers or who have never kayaked before. This is not a problem. Kayaking is easy and fun. Also, we will be on flat water with little or no current.

How safe is the kayak tour?

Our kayak tours are as much or more for observing the beauty of our surroundings.  As for the act of kayaking, this is not a strenuous tour and you will certainly enjoy it. We do not kayak in high winds. We use kayaks which are the most stable on the market. Kayaking in the bayou is like floating on a placid lake. There is no "white water" and little or no current. It is extremely rare that someone turns over in one of our kayaks. The single Kayak has a 250lb limit and should be considered.  The double Kayak has a 525lb limit and should be considered.

What about alligators? Are they aggressive?

Alligators do not see humans as a food source. If you want to see alligators, you have to be very quiet and paddle softly. In Louisiana, alligator attacks on humans in the water are nearly non-existent. I have kayaked bayous for over 7 years and have never had any problem or felt threatened by an alligator. On LAND, the female alligator will become aggressive when protecting her eggs and young. We will be in the water kayaking.

What is included in the kayak tour?

Kayak tours include all necessary equipment which includes the kayak, paddle, and floating device.  You need only bring comfortable clothing, footwear, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, bottled water and small snack.

What is the group size for the kayak tour?

All of our kayak tours are very small groups, 2 person minimum.  No more than 8-9 persons at this time per tour.

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When do you offer kayak tours?

We operate tours on request 7 days a week, year-round.  Times and dates are flexible and are scheduled by request. Most kayak tours start between 8:00am and 11:00am and end between 6:00pm and 8:00pm. A kayak tour will involve you for approximately 3 hours.

How do I reserve a kayak tour?

Please call 985.951.9437 for more details or click the Contact tab and email your request.

What happens if it rains or there is bad weather?

Before the tour is scheduled to begin, if it is raining or too cold or too hot, we will take the time to reschedule your tour at no additional charge.  YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR TOUR.  We do not usually cancel tours based on weather forecasts since they are wrong nearly half of the time. We also apply a test of "reasonableness". For example 90 degrees in August in Louisiana is not considered too hot because it is not unusual.

What temperature can I expect in Louisiana?


Avg. high

Avg. low

Avg. precipitation


62° F

43° F

5.1 in.


65° F

46° F

5.5 in.


71° F

52° F

5.3 in.


78° F

58° F

4.8 in.


85° F

66° F

4.9 in.


89° F

71° F

5.6 in.


91° F

73° F

6.6 in.


90° F

73° F

5.9 in.


87° F

70° F

5.4 in.


80° F

60° F

2.8 in.


71° F

50° F

4.5 in.


65° F

45° F

5.3 in.