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Thanks again for taking me and my family kayaking through Cane Bayou. I suddenly realized how much of St Tammany that I have never seen, despite living here most of my life. It was a great family experience. We recently bought two kayaks of our own, and  plan to use them as a good excuse to spend some much needed time away. My daughter is ready to photograph another alligator. If I would have known what I was missing I would have gone years ago! Thanks again, until the next trip
St.Tammany Parish Detective: Stefan Montgomery

Dear Danny,


I can’t thank you enough for the kayak tour.  My girls and I had a blast!  When I heard kayaking, I always thought you’d have to drive an hour or more away to find a good place.  Who knew that St. Tammany offered the space and atmosphere for an afternoon of kayaking, and just a mile from my own house?

My daughters have asked when we’re going again.  I was mostly surprised that my 8-year-old was so comfortable.  I’m sure you noticed that it didn’t take too long before she was ready to be more than just a timid passenger, and she didn’t just hold the paddle for show. 

The CD of pictures was such a nice touch, too.  We all loved reliving the experience looking through the amazing shots you got.  (My oldest daughter used one picture as her profile pic on Facebook for about a month.)  It was especially nice for me, for once, to be able to just sit back and enjoy the ride; I’m usually then one behind the camera when my family does anything.  You have a great photographer’s eye.

Now that the weather is cooling down a bit and everyone is somewhat settled into the school routines, we’ll have to schedule another outing soon. 

Thanks for your time and expertise.  You made our first kayaking experience as great as it was. 




Mary Koepp

The Best Mother's Day Ever!!!
My husband had been in Iraq for about 2 months, Mother's Day was approaching and I was feeling depressed.  Then one morning on the way to work, I saw the vehicle with MyKayakTours.com on the back window.   My day was looking brighter.  A tour was booked for my son and myself to kayak down Bayou Cane.  The tour was AWESOME!!!!  We saw several alligators, turtles and gar.  Danny also took great pictures to keep as memories.  The bayou was very peaceful.  While kayaking down the bayou, I was able to reconnect with my spirit.  Plus, I spent some great quality time with my teenager. 
Melanie Chacon

Thanks for the tour Danny! Omg we had so much fun. This is the first tour that i went on. We saw lots of baby gators and so much wildlife. We laughed and joked the whole time. Im looking forward to going again. Danny is family now... So you can't get rid of us lol. 

Moreno Sherice   

We had a great time kayaking with Danny.  The ride was smooth and we enjoyed watching the wildlife while silently paddling along.  
Two paddles up!

Chris in Covington