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It is my pleasure to introduce to you Kayak Tours on the Shore, LLC one of the Northshore's greatest activities.  I am delighted that you have chosen my website for information on kayaking in St. Tammany & Tangiapahoa Parish.  Kayaking takes place on Bayou Cane and other surrounding waterways.  With the serene and peaceful atmosphere, you will enjoy the 3 hour tour or rental provided.  You may see different wildlife such as turtles, egrets, nutria, blue tip crabs, and many fish. 
I know you will enjoy the pleasure of kayaking and the nature preserve of Bayou Cane.

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For most people, a stream, bayou or river is an inconvenience.  It’s something to get over to go wherever we want to be.  Danny Anders, of Kayak Tours on the Shore, sees things differently.  Danny takes people into a world of mystery and adventure that is neglected by people driving by in a hurry to burn up more time and distance in their quest to win the rat race.  Danny worked for four years as a kayak guide at Hilton Head, South Carolina.  He brings that knowledge and passion to the Sportsman’s Paradise.  While Danny is willing to guide you on practically any northshore body of water, his most popular tour is on Cane Bayou, which runs along the east side of Fontainebleau State Park.  The tour starts at US 190 and goes to Lake Pontchartrain.  This is a unique area, in which fresh and salt water mix, so you may see crabs, redfish, bass and bream all in the same water.  A variety of birds, such as ospreys, ducks, pelicans, and seagulls frequent the area.  The vegetation changes from shady moss covered bayou to wooded swamp to Roseau cane marsh to the open water of Lake Pontchartrain.  Along the way Danny points out turtles, crabs, alligators, who, by the way, are not interested in kayakers, and even the occasional water snake.  Safety is always a high priority for Danny, and he provides life jackets for all kayakers.  Danny has taken his own son, Jackson, on this tour, so it is definitely safe.  The second tour I took included my daughter, son-in-law and two grandkids, aged 3 and 5.  We all had a great time.  So the next time you are barreling along the highway, talking on your cell phone, worrying about all you are not getting done, notice the shady bayou or majestic river you are rushing past.  You may want to consider stepping off the treadmill for a few hours and having a pleasurable, educational adventure.  Remember, Marcel Proust said, “The true voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” 
Danny Anders can help you renew your eyes.

David Grouchy

Covington, LA


There is nothing that can compare to leaving your known world behind and starting a new adventure.  The trip begins waking up in the dark. 

The sun emerges while you are driving through the masses on your way to the launch site.  Then, the bright orange vessel, like a beacon of escape,

takes you into a new world.  Your worries dissipate like the low fog on the water.  Before you can even take in the beauty that surrounds you, baby

alligators chirp at your boat.  Owls call out welcoming you to their wisdom.  This "new world" has been here all along.  We as humans, have chosen to

separate ourselves from this realm.  Soon your head is no longer filled with daily chores, bills to be paid, people to please, or haunting images of past

events.  Nature has filled your mind.  Curiosity drives you to see what's lurking around the next bend.  What life exists here that I can view?  A Blue

Herring watches you with one eye from the brush.  Mullets spring from the water and then a satisfying big splash is all that's left.  The water ripples and

you find yourself craving more.  Next to you are your friends.  Conversation flows like the Bayou itself.  Laughter fills the air.  The trees, beautiful and

mighty, are weighed down by moss.  Cypress knees line your path.  The sun kisses your skin as if to welcome you home.  As you continue on, Nature

never ceases to amaze.  Flowers, in all varieties, decorate the banks and grasses.  You have now become a part of this world without even realizing it. 

The grasses below you, under the water, shift to the rhythm of your paddle.  The water trickles down your arms.  If you look down you may see small

insects that have found refuge on your vessel.  Minnows dart in and out from the shadow of your boat.  As you become accustomed to your surroundings,

then Lake Ponchartrain opens up in front of you.  Larger fish scurry under your boat.  The current pulls you out.  In a way, you feel naked, for the plats that

once cradled you are now behind you.  Blue water and sky is the only hue to be seen.  Can this really be the same body of water I drive over so

unconsciously? Returning back into Cane Bayou is like greeting an old friend.  It looks familiar, but so many aspects were missed.  The whole adventure

starts over again.  White Egrets fly above you.  Beautifully colored birds curiously hop from limb to limb following you as you paddle back.  This living,

breathing, ecosystem has given me the gift of being a guest.  And I thank you.  I leave refreshed.  I leave peaceful.  I leave with all the beauty still in my

mind.  All I can say is thank you.  Thank you Danny, for bringing me into a place that exists, so close to home, but so far from my everyday life. 

I'm  addicted.

~Lora LeBlanc